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We see a world where computing helps solve tomorrow’s problems – where we use our knowledge and skills to advance the profession and make a positive impact.

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Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is the world's largest educational and scientific computing society, delivers resources that advance computing as a science and profession. ACM has 650 student chapters worldwide.

RAIT ACM is a Student Chapter of the elite international level ACM organization.

RAIT-ACM is a committee focused towards the development and progress of students in RAIT. We work in different fields like Technical, Creative, Publicity, Video Editing, Management, Social Media and Editorial.

About Us


Our mission is to enable students to fullfil and explore their potential and enjoy a sustainable career within the creative art industry.


To inspire determination and enthusiasm with professional environment and to ensure high academic standards.


To embrace new technologies and to provide meaningful opportunities, in order to enhance learning.

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We arrange workshops that provides a way to create an intensive educational experience in a short amount of time. It's a great way to teach hands-on skills because it offers participants a chance to try out new methods

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We see a world where computing helps solve tomorrow’s problems – where we use our knowledge and skills to advance the profession and make a positive impact.

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With "Codejam", we focus on training students in becoming a better programmers, and with our initiative "Meeting of Minds", we bring the students of RAIT in touch with leaders of the industry.

Our Domains

Technical Team

Technical Team

The technical team is responsible for arranging technical events and activities. The team ensures the website is up-to date and also gives technical assistance. The team and its members help in solving all the technical problems faced during any event or activity.

Video Editing Team

Video Editing Team

The video editing team is responsible for making videos for events. The team also make’s sure that the online events are properly recorded and uploaded on the YouTube channel for further reference.

Management Team

Management Team

The management team takes care of all the activities that are arranged during the year. It keeps a track of the execution of events and is responsible for solving any problems faced during the events.

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

The editorial team is responsible for inviting good quality research articles. It also ensures that the students of the committee are supported to write good articles. The team also responsible for writing the blog and encouraging people to read it.

Creative Team

Creative Team

The creative team designs posters for all the events. The team also works in floor and event decoration during the Techfest. This includes making of large models and charts for events.

Publicity Team

Publicity Team

The publicity team is responsible for the promotions of the events and workshops. They ensure that the audience is aware as to why should they register and how will it benefit them. They make sure that the event is publicised as much as possible.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

The social media management team is responsible for managing the social media handles. They focus on keeping the social media updated with all the events and activities taking place.

Who we are

Our Faculty Council


Dr. Ashish Jadhav

HOD of IT Department


Dr. Vivek Kumar Singh

Faculty Sponsor of RAIT-ACM

Who We Are

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Talented Team

We see a world where computing helps solve tomorrow’s problems – where we use our knowledge and skills to advance the profession and make a positive impact.

team member
Ritvika Sanap


team member
Avhi Poddar

Vice Chairman

team member
Prateek Koul


team member
Pranali Waghmare

General Secretary

team member
Rupal Sonje

Web Master

team member
Kajal Patil

Membership Chair

team member
Purva Tol


team member
Pranav Chavan

Management Chief

Technology is just a tool.
In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important

- Bill Gates -

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Amazing Work

March 23,2021
— Gamer's Arena-Game development using JAVA
February 17,2021
February 08,2021
— Full stack development workshop
February 07,2021
— Technicella-Blog writing competition
Jan 27 - Feb 28,2021
— Codejam (C)
Dec 08-Dec 11,2020
— Hour of Code
November 29,2020
— Workshop on 'Git and version control'
November 28,2020
— Chapter Meeting
November 22,2020
— Holistic approach to wellness
November 08,2020
— TechQuest Quiz Competition
October 31,2020
— Workshop on 'REACT'
Oct 10-Nov 30,2020
September 26,2020
— Interaction Session
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